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Angry Birds Blast is a puzzle game where you have to free the birds of Angry Birds that have been trapped inside colorful balloons by evil pigs. To pop the balloons, all you have to do is touch them when they're in groups of two or more.

When you pop the balloons in bigger groups, you can create special objects. The guns, for example let you pop an entire column of balloons, while the bombs pop all the nearby balloons. Using these tools, you have to try to free all the birds in the level before you run out of movements.

In Angry Birds Blast you can find 200 different levels. In some of them you have to simply free the birds, while in others you have to directly face the pigs. To defeat them, you just have to pop the balloons close to them.

Angry Birds Blast is a puzzle game with a very simple gameplay (just touch the colorful balloons to pop them) that manages to add an original element to the mix. Plus the graphics, as in all Angry Birds games, are pretty great.
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Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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